DONS Basketball League(DBL) is a Durham based community outreach program that is free for all youth, at no cost to parents.

The league and its games simulates the authentic NBA experience. A league that incorporates mandatory community service, educational and character building workshops and physical fitness. If they do not complete their mandatory community service or attend the educational workshop they are suspended to play the game The League deliberately targets the youth in the most underserved areas of Durham. It reaches out to participants in every way possible including providing uniforms, transportation, entertainment, league magazine, team dinners and many other amenities. This upcoming season DBL has partnered with local businesses and will be offering youth CareerTrade opportunities. Community Outreach is a crucial element of involvement, and the DBL aims to reach as many members of the community as possible. In an effort to truly focus on the mission: outreach, service and education, players serve first and play second. Discipline is administered and integrated into all elements of the league experience. All league officials, coaches, and representatives emphasize that sportsmanship, productivity and brotherhood are the league’s core values. The DBL runs a 12 week intensive summer basketball league open to all its participants, siblings and their families. DBL gives youth who might otherwise have too much free time on their hands a place where they can go and participate in physical activity in a safe, supervised, structured environment. The DBL is an opportunity to help develop our youth in becoming productive citizens. 











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