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The G Program target and recruit youth who have been exposed to gangs, crime, alcohol and drug use. The key focus of this program is to change high “at-risk” youth into community leaders, conducting an intense 12 month program. Required consistent attendance at weekly sessions and involvement in other Campaign4Change initiatives is mandatory. Participants who have a strong desire to be productive will benefit from receiving many goal oriented incentives. The G Program Executive Director, Otis Lyons teams up with service providers and utilize available resources to aid, educate, empower, and bring forth awareness for the personal betterment of the participants as well as the community. Participants will be chosen from the Durham Housing Authority Residency.


The G Program provides a street level culturally competent and unique approach to reaching the most difficult youth. There are currently no programs that offer this unique approach. Those who stay in the community will benefit from the goodwill that the G Program will generate.

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