Street Life Education Workshop Series

This project includes a series of workshops designed to engage high risk youth, along with the community in meaningful discussion and provide important guidance on how to transcend circumstances they face in their lives. This series promotes attributes in youth and attempts to reduce risk they may face in their schools and communities.


Domestic Violence - participants will learn about the causes of domestic violence and will gain insight on how to have healthy relationships. 


7 Elements of Healthy Living - participants will learn about nutrition, healthy grocery shopping, meal planning, exercise and fitness, and how to lead an active lifestyle. 


15 Principles of Success - presenter will teach participants the key elements   of how to be successful in life. The presenter will spark discussion on how to gain respect, how to network, improving self-confidence, and how to obtain social capital in school and the workplace. 


Gang Prevention & Intervention - instructor will draw on personal life experiences leading a gang in Durham and what steps he took to leave the gang life and become a business owner and a positive influence in his community.


Negative Effects of Hip Hop Culture - this workshop will highlight how hip hop culture can influence some youth to make poor choices and engage in risky behaviors. The workshop will shed light on the hip hop stars and how they      earn money exploiting things that occur in low income communities.


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A day of community outreach every month organized and initiated by C4C for the past five years. Preferably the last Sunday of each month C4C members and groups of youth visits Rose Manor Rest Home to spend time and pay homage to the elderly.


This is a community service mission with the deliberate intentions to foster camaraderie with our elderly forebears, to ensure that today’s youth communicate their gratitude and respect. Through conversations and providing small necessities to the elderly. Youth participants uplift the spirits of the elderly by giving them the most valuable resource of all, their time.

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C4C has partnered with local businesses requiring that they recruit one 16 year old youth from the impoverished community and give them an opportunity and teach them their Company trade. Companies such as; (Brown Upholstery, Geer St. Mechanics, Urbana Catering, MAACO Painting, Rick’s Photography, Willies Detailing) are owners who has made a commitment to this initiative. Youth whom college hopes seem dim and others that may not even graduate from high school, will now have some type of future that they can look forward to.

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C4C offers parenting workshops, topics of discussions will range from “financial literacy” to “dealing with today’s teens”. C4C recruits professional volunteers to facilitate these workshops. These workshops are totally free and all parents are encourage to attend.

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At Campaign4Change, we are committed to initiating collaborative efforts to bring Citizens, Businesses, and Community organizations together to improve the living conditions in the city of Durham and bridge the gap of the economically disadvantaged. As such, we have a number of initiatives and collaborations to bring the community togther

and foster a better way of life for all. 

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